The sunday cat extols the virtues of guard cats

Many thnks to EB.

“The Hermitage Museum hires “Guard Cats” to protect artwork.

The team of tailed guards consists mainly of alley cats, and like in the imperial times, the cat community hinges on strict hierarchy. The cats fall into aristocrats, the middle caste, and the low caste. Each group operates within a certain designated part of the building. The cat staff cannot exceed 50-60 cats, not because they’ll be difficult to look after in terms of cat food. If the number of cats exceeds 60, they start cat fights and neglect their duties. For this reason, from time to time, the museum has to look for people who would adopt extra cats.

The felines are carefully named by museum employees based on their personalities. They even have their own holiday on March 28, where they receive special treats.”

5 thoughts on “The sunday cat extols the virtues of guard cats

  1. That’s very interesting. The Hermitage is one of my favorite museums but I hadn’t noticed cats. (Perhaps I saw some and thought they were strays- there are a lot in Russia, as people don’t really believing in fixing animals.) I’ll look for them when I go again. My own cat is from Russia- I tell him that he’s a Siberian Tsar cat, and I think he could be, though he does love to snuggle, supposedly an un-Siberian trait according to the clip.

  2. Matt, according to the person who brought Siberians to Australia:
    Personality Plus. The Siberian has a very dog like temperament and are very affectionate. They come out to great the visitors in the house and are not shy. They are very intelligent and very quick learners. They also have a triple purr and unlike other breeds have a chirping sound they use when they come to greet you. When they are around water they appear to be fascinated with it and will drop toys into it and play in sinks with water left in. The Siberian makes the ideal lap cat and will live quite happily indoors with you.

  3. Ok,so the spelling and grammar wasn’t great, but the cats sound more like yours.

    I had a ‘meet and greet’ cat, and was told by our vet that she was actually guarding her home.

  4. That’s interesting. My cat doesn’t meow much, -mostly when he greats us at the door, which he does most of the time.

  5. Feminist Philosopher…
    Thank you so much for posting this clip.
    It made my day to see cats being revered as they once were in ancient Egypt.
    I adore cats.
    They are such beautiful, intelligent and loving animals.
    I have heard about them being healers before.
    I know it is true but would love to research this further.

    I am enjoying your blog- full of critical thinking and intriguing insights.
    I just subscribed ;)

    Kind Regards.

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