Working toward gender equality at the Olympics

Women boxers have claimed an early victory at the 2012 Olympics by knocking out the last all-male sport but the battle for sex equality at the Games rages on, and not just among women — male synchronized swimmers are also demanding equal rights.

London marks the first Olympics where women will compete in all 26 sports on offer, a major change from Stockholm 100 years ago when women could only participate in five of 110 events.

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3 thoughts on “Working toward gender equality at the Olympics

  1. Well, good, progress, but the distribution of men’s and women’s sports is still anomalous and irrational.

    To name a couple:
    Women still compete in the heptathlon instead of the decathlon, for what I assume are purely historical reasons. And I can’t understand why there are separate men’s and women’s sailing competitions. They aren’t separated for equestrian sports, and haven’t women sailed in the America’s Cup?

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