June McCarroll, saver of many lives

You know how you’re not dead? Specifically, I mean you know how you haven’t been killed by a huge truck barreling down the highway and crushing you to custard?

For that I suggest we all take a moment and thank June McCarroll, the woman who first had the incredibly brilliant idea to paint a line down the middle of a road….

McCarroll, a nurse (and later physician) with the Southern Pacific Railroad, proposed her idea to the chamber of commerce and Riverside Country Board of Supervisors, who gave the idea careful and studied ignoring. It’s a likely assumption that her gender may have played a role in her inability to get the officials to take her seriously.

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Thanks, J-Bro!

One thought on “June McCarroll, saver of many lives

  1. Thank you, June! I love that you had the gumption to paint the durned line yourself, when nobody took your idea seriously!

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