IAPH welcomes feedback on site

I received what will be the last email-newsletter from the International Association of Women Philosophers.  They encourage us all to visit the revitalized website and provide any feedback:

We decided to update the website and to make it into a lively virtual communication place for women philosophers. You can still send in announcements of books, calls for papers, and all other announcements that were normally published in the newsletter (ahalsema [at] home.nl). They will not appear in an email-newsletter anymore, but will be published immediately on the IAPh-website.

The messages can be sent in the original language, and will appear on the website in the original language. The board is investigating possibilities to use social media as well. This would alert members, using Twitter and Facebook, whenever new content is added to the website.

We hope that you will visit the site regularly, and that it will become the lively spot that we intend.

Please feel free to send us suggestions what you would like to use the IAPh website for.

The board wishes you a wonderful summer!

Annemie Halsema