Stars without makeup

The shocking new trend! Of course, the only reason they’d do this is to get some publicity. Despite the fact that they say things like “I woke up this morning and decided I’m over Hollywood’s perfection requirement.” The Guardian assigned an intrepid reporter to try out this shocking, unimaginable thing and, well, she could barely make it.

Two things that bugged me: The failure to take seriously an explanation for leaving off the makeup other than publicity seeking. And the failure to actually examine the pressures on women like the reporter to wear makeup. Her difficulty doing without comes across as personal weakness and love of triviality, when it’s actually quite clear that her social context makes this difficult in a way that mine doesn’t. (And yes, the reporter herself is the one who wrote the story and made these choices. But the criticism still holds. Could have been a much better article.)

3 thoughts on “Stars without makeup

  1. Clearly, no “star” would do without makeup absent a principled committment. Because, you know, they are not like the rest of us (who might just want break). Bah.

  2. I found it interesting that the reporter suddenly found herself more interested in eating healthily. Perhaps there is a lesson there.

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