2 thoughts on “Archbishop Desmond Tutu reveals himself to be a true legend, once again…

  1. I get creeped out about this, too. Our generation straddles a line of bigotry. It won’t be here in twenty, thirty years, and then we’ll have to explain this world to our children, as my mother had to explain to me the world down South during the 50s.

  2. To comment #1: May I ask you please to explain more about why or in what precise way(s) you get creeped out about this? I ask sincerely because I do not find it creepy in any way. I just find it sadly apt (and hopefully appropriately optimistic about the future). When I was growing up in my small New England town, virtually every adult I knew was a bigot. Today, at least half of their children (now adults) are not bigots (and from what I can tell, most of the children of these (now adult) children are not bigots). Notice that the relevant property for the analogy with apartheid to go through here is rather simple – just “So obviously wrong”. I happen to agree with many other analogies with apartheid that are more controversial and not so simple.

    Let me suggest a note of caution about discussing “our generation” (unless by “our generation” you mean something broad like everyone living today). The readers of this blog arguably span multiple generations (at least two or three that quickly and easily come to my mind).

    I also do not understand the “too” word at the end of your first sentence. Do you think that Monkey’s post title (or the post image) is intended to be creepy? I ask sincerely and out of curiosity because I do not seem to understand or read what we have here the way that you seem to read it. … Cheers.

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