Activists talk about disability pride

In this fantastic video, disability rights activists – including philosopher Joe Stramondo – discuss disability pride. Topics include “What does ‘disability pride’ mean to you?’ and “Why is disability pride important?” If you have your own take on the answers to these questions, please tell us about it in the comments!

Check out more great videos from the Michigan Disability Rights Coalition on their youtube channel.

[Apology and warning: once again, the video is unfortunately not captioned. Okay, it looks like this video is captioned, but you may need to fiddle with your browser settings or try viewing it using Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome. (See the comment from Rebecca, and our subsequent discussion.)]

9 thoughts on “Activists talk about disability pride

  1. Huh. Weird – I haven’t been able to get the captions to work on my browser. But great news if that’s just me having technical difficulties!

    Thanks, Rebecca!

  2. Thanks so much for noting the captioning (or lack thereof) on the disability-related videos you’ve been posting! I could write an entire post on lack of captions on disability themed videos and inclusiveness on blogs (but I won’t, not today…)

    Just two things: I do want note that it is pretty easy to see if a YouTube video is captioned — just click on the CC icon near the bottom right corner. But that isn’t enough! You should watch it for a while to see if it is actually captioned or just using the beta autocaptioning feature (English transcribed) which works about as well as, say, GoogleTranslate after a few back and forths. If you’re looking for classroom or blog accessibility, autocaptioning isn’t going to do it. But there are other ways to get the captions done… hmmm, maybe I should write that post after all!

  3. Teresa, thanks so much for the added info. And I hope you do write that post!

  4. Okay, so the reason I thought this video wasn’t captioned is that nothing happened when I clicked the CC icon (I repeated this several times – still no luck). But I was using – as I usually do – Safari as my browser. I’ve just tried again using Internet Explorer, and the captions show up just fine.

    This suggests that the ability to see captions can be browser-dependent. Which is news to me! (But, um, maybe I’m just revealing my utter ignorance here.)

    Update: the captions also work just fine when I view the video using Firefox.

  5. magicalersatz – Yes, caption viewing *is* browser-dependent! Accessing Youtube closed captioning on Safari is pretty variable — I’ve had best results with Chrome and Firefox.

  6. On Chrome (the only sensible browser choice) the captions show up, and it is properly captioned, not auto-captioned. Magical: Friends don’t let friends use Safari!

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