Blatant Sexism and Misogyny in Olympic Advertising: Proudly Brought to You By GoDaddy

The SF Chronicle recently declared the 2012 Olympics “The Year of the Woman.”  The domain registrar GoDaddy appears to agree but seems to have a very different interpretation of women’s most impressive strengths and talents.  As Americans tune in to watch and support all the athletes in the 2012 Olympics, they will be also treated to GoDaddy’s sexist advertising.  These ads could be worse, though; they could feature Olympians instead of the nameless female bodies they do feature.  Wait, that might be better, for then viewers might at least recognize that the women depicted are subjects as well as objects, active as well as passive.

Critical thinking webpage, input welcome

From Cate Hundleby:
I have just launched a critical thinking webpage with the express purpose of guiding instructors in their choice of textbooks, but with larger pedagogical and liberatory purposes in mind.  The implicit feminist approach and the express goals of helping novice instructors in the field may make this site useful for women and feminist philosophers.  If women tend to do the part-time and temporary work they are likely also to be assigned to the (inappropriately) low-prestige work of teaching critical thinking at the first and second year levels.
I welcome input. (Note: I hope to expand the “feminist and liberatory” discussion. ) Feel free to email: