Blatant Sexism and Misogyny in Olympic Advertising: Proudly Brought to You By GoDaddy

The SF Chronicle recently declared the 2012 Olympics “The Year of the Woman.”  The domain registrar GoDaddy appears to agree but seems to have a very different interpretation of women’s most impressive strengths and talents.  As Americans tune in to watch and support all the athletes in the 2012 Olympics, they will be also treated to GoDaddy’s sexist advertising.  These ads could be worse, though; they could feature Olympians instead of the nameless female bodies they do feature.  Wait, that might be better, for then viewers might at least recognize that the women depicted are subjects as well as objects, active as well as passive.

6 thoughts on “Blatant Sexism and Misogyny in Olympic Advertising: Proudly Brought to You By GoDaddy

  1. If you want to be “active” rather than “passive”, I suggest using creativity and/or aggressive/edgy right-back-at-ya humor. Complaining about being “subjects instead of objects” seems a bit — well, a bit passive, frankly!

    You’ve got to remember that most men dream of being sex objects — and so see no slight in being treated as one. But they hate being thought of an unintelligent — I suggest try that!

  2. @#1 Thanks for explaining how to fix the problem; it’s really hard for us to resist the temptation of being passive bumps on a log.

    I mean, none of us really understand what social critique is or have any clue about cultural trends in men’s psychology. We just like sitting around and complaining about things that we see because really, what else are we going to do with these silly PhDs?

    Thanks for taking the time to help us out!

  3. Jeremy,

    Talking down to women, treating them as if they’re cute little cupcakes who need your advice as a male to do rather obvious things?

    Pretty low.

  4. Depicting men as unintelligent has been done to death (think of the father figure in virtually any sitcom, e.g., Everybody Loves Raymond, Malcolm in the Middle, Modern Family, and so on). Rather than be subversive these tropes seem to be of some comfort to male viewers who might feel very intelligent in comparison. However, I agree with the comedic approach. My favorite is this (and this response to this ludicrous Dodge Charger Ad: If only such comedy were to make it into mainstream advertising!

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