CFP: Philosophy Born of Struggle

Philosophy Born of Struggle 2012: Call for Papers and Panels

Deadline: August 18

Nineteenth Annual Conference, October 26 & 27, 2012

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Charles Mills, Author of The Racial Contract

The 19th Annual Philosophy Born of Struggle Conference with the theme,  Race , Class, Gender and State Violence, will convene at  Texas A&M on October 26 &27  2012. State violence while maintaining the pretense of legitimacy has become synonymous with social order and democracy with the prison industrial complex serving as a conduit for controlling the restless masses as well as the greatest competitor to public education.  Reclaim public education by dismantling the prison industrial complex should be a matter of great urgency for educators, and civic leaders of all areas of public life.  This conference explores the interconnections between Race, Class, Gender, state violence and the prison industrial complex and the social impact of having one in every hundred citizens in the United States behind bars.

Paper submissions on the following topics are highly encouraged:

  • Racial profiling and the culture of violence as part of the state apparatus.
  • National Identity and the history of violence.
  • Economic Inequality and gender/race/ class oppression in the age of mass incarceration.
  • Education and the pursuit of life, livelihood and liberty.
  • Capital Punishment as the ultimate expression of state violence.

For papers, please submit abstracts with proposed titles and biographical information.  For panels, please submit panel title plus abstracts, titles, names, affiliations, and bios of proposed presentations.  Please email proposals to:

Everet Green (everet [at] verizon [dot] net)

Leonard Harris (lharrisl [at] hotmail [dot] com)

Tommy Curry (t-curry [at] philosophy [dot]

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  1. I will not be able to make this one, but for those who can and are thinking about it: Prof. Mills is a wonderful person and a great speaker.

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