PhD programs for philosophy/ psych of evil?

Philosophers familiar with PhD programs, please advise me if you get a chance and know of a particular program to recommend.  I was contacted by a former student who’s likely finishing her MA soon (elsewhere, not with me), and who’d like to pursue a PhD in a program appropriate to a dissertation on evil character.  Although I enjoy reading/writing on this myself, I really don’t have the best sense as to what program to recommend to her for PhD pursuits.  An Anglophone student, so suggestions in UK, Canada, and USA are all welcome!

10 thoughts on “PhD programs for philosophy/ psych of evil?

  1. Bah, no worries; when I was writing my dissertation I was barely out of my library cubicle!

  2. I’m biased, but my colleague, Nomy Arpaly, would be an excellent advisor for a dissertation on evil character.

    Also Julia Driver.

  3. Claudia Card at Wisconsin-Madison (author of The Atrocity Paradigm; Confronting Evils; and a book on genocide). Lester Hunt, who works on character (Character and Culture), is also there.

  4. Mark Murphy at Georgetown would be an excellent adviser, and we have several other people working directly on character (Nancy Sherman, Karen Stohr, etc.)

  5. I was browsing the website for New School for Social Research in NYC and noticed they had several courses on topics in philosophy of torture, violence, and war. The site did not say who the profs were for these courses, but I did find that prof James Dodd has taught phil of war and violence. I’m not sure who taught the course on phil of torture.

  6. Wisconsin. Claudia Card knows the ins and outs of this area like no one else, with great breadth and depth in ethics and social/political. Also, she is a fantastic teacher. (She was my undergrad advisor–lucky me!) I wouldn’t generally advise someone to pick a grad program by one person or topic, since interests often change during grad school, and faculty move. Still, Claudia Card is tops.

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