3 thoughts on “More on the Modest Proposal

  1. “Is it a man’s responsibility to fight what some say is a woman’s fight?”

    Where on earth is this coming from? Of all the discussions and disagreements that reasonable philosophers have had about the Modest Proposal, not one of them has said this is a woman’s fight. I think the only “someone” who has said this is Kathryn Blaze Carlson of the National Post. But correct me if I’m wrong.

  2. The tone of this article really bothered me. In addition to asking irritating questions like the one noted by the poster above, the author of this piece makes it sound as if the entire discussion of women’s underrepresentation in philosophy began when a male philosopher put forward this proposal. The work that feminist philosophers have been doing for years is barely acknowledged! The gendered conference campaign deserves much more attention than it gets here. The article reminds me of the dynamic that’s all too common in philosophy classes and conferences: women make a point over and over again (which gets ignored) and then a man makes the same point and gets all the attention. I’m really glad that men are finally taking some responsibility for changing things (and I applaud that), but it’s frutrating that the media continues to frame things in such a sexist way.

  3. Is the text of the email mentioned at the beginning available somewhere? (on New APPS?)

    There’s something about the first sentence not using a direct quote and implying/claiming that Schliesser’s email conveyed the message of “I will take you down” that is making me give this whole article a good dose of side eye.

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