Call for Letters Written By Women

The blog Letters of Note is issuing a call for submissions of letters and correspondences written by women after the author determined there was too much of a gender imbalance with what he himself was finding and posting.  You can send submissions to: shaun [at] lettersofnote [dot] com.


I really want to redress the balance and would love for you to help, as thousands of fresh eyes are better than two groggy ones. So, consider this a submissions drive. If you know of any interesting letters, by women — or girls for that matter — that haven’t yet featured on the site, please let me know; famous or otherwise. The letters’ writers can be from any walk of life: businesswomen, chefs, dancers, doctors, actresses, teachers, criminals, artists, mothers, daughters… the letters themselves must simply be notable and have the power to provoke an emotional response from you, the reader. Even if you’ve only heard of a particular letter and haven’t yet read it, get in touch and I’ll do my best to track it down.


It would be especially great if anyone knows of such correspondences written by philosophers!