Glasses to blur vision of ultra-Orthodox men


From NBC:  It’s the latest prescription for extreme ultra-Orthodox Jewish men who shun contact with the opposite sex: Glasses that blur their vision, so they don’t have to see women they consider to be immodestly dressed. In an effort to maintain their strictly devout lifestyle, the ultra-Orthodox have separated the sexes on buses, sidewalks and other public spaces in their neighborhoods. Their interpretation of Jewish law forbids contact between men and women who are not married. Walls in their neighborhoods feature signs exhorting women to wear closed-necked, long-sleeved blouses and long skirts. Extremists have accosted women they consider to have flouted the code. Now they’re trying to keep them out of clear sight altogether.

Yes, special glasses to stop ultra-orthodox men seeing immodestly dressed women. I’ve got to say I think this is a big improvement on telling the women they ought to dress differently. This solution recognizes who has the problem.

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The NBC story is here.