7 thoughts on “The Sunday cat goes very didactic.

  1. Yes! Saw these critters in China, at the shechaun panda reserve. And they’re much more interesting, and probably a whole lot smarter, than the giant pandas, that just sit around munching bamboo. Yeah Red Pandas!

  2. Now for concepts: is there a distinction between your concept of a red panda and your concept of a raccoon? If so, what is it?

    Please do feel free to use a particular philosopher’s views; e.g., Machery who wants to tie the contents of concept to the knowledge we employ as we use them.

  3. Hm, red pandas are arboreal and not particularly threatening creatures living in exotic Chinese forests, whereas raccoons are often difficult and pesky creatures commonly found in ordinary North American cities. I can’t relate those concepts to philosophers’ views, though…

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