The Christian gay debate

Matthew Vines on the role of scriptural interpretation in this debate.

And within the traditional interpretation of Scripture, falling in love is one of the worst things that could happen to a gay person. Because you will necessarily be heartbroken, you will have to run away, and that will happen every single time that you come to care about someone else too much. So while you watch your friends fall in love, get married, and start families, you will always be left out. You will never share in those joys yourself – of a spouse and of children of your own. You will always be alone. . . But the necessary consequence of the traditional teaching on homosexuality is that, even though gay people have suitable partners, they must reject them, and they must live alone for their whole lives, without a spouse or a family of their own. We are now declaring good the very first thing in Scripture that God declared not good: for the man to be forced to be alone. And the fruit that this teaching has borne has been deeply wounding and destructive.

Full transcript here. For those who are interested, I think the view he puts forth on the Sodom and Gomorrah story in Genesis 19 is bolstered by the fact that any other sort of interpretation is made difficult by a very similar passage in Judges 19.

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  1. Check out Peter Gomes’ *The Good Book* and the documentary *For the Bible Tells Me So* too on this matter — they have the same heart and soul of Vines, but with more fully developed arguments and personal narratives…

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