10 thoughts on “Iran bans women from many university courses, moves toward allowing “marriage” to girls under 10

  1. for the life of me, i cant find anything on this change of marriage age in iran thing, save references to the petition and mention in The Examiner (and subsequent reiterations in numerous blogs and web sites slanting either Iran or Islam). in 2002 the age was raised from 9 to 13, but en exhaustive search has yielded nothing i would trust (certainly not a popular petition based in a country revving for more war in the middle east).

    if anyone can find something, or it turns up, i would really appreciate it. perhaps i’m not being exhaustive enough …

  2. Ali, I suppose you think that people in the West have sometimes mistaken beliefs about the Middle East! My goodness!

    Actually, I am sorry the thought did not cross my mind when I read this. I did several searches in aljazeera (sp?) and saw nothing. Sometimes InIn dian or Chinese papers will carry such stories from source independent of the Western Press, so I’ll check.

    In fact. everything I could find that was an independent resource would make one think the story was false. E.g., the president of Iran has been emphatic about raising the marriage age.

  3. well, there is so much bad stuff done to women there, this sort of thing is supremely believable. it was the number of signatures and the fact it was iran that made me want to check (and my habitual research finger tips when at a computer). had it been another country in that region i probably would not have checked.

    i looked at AJ, and the Indian/Pakistan media too (didnt think to look at the english Chinese media). tend to check latin american media to verify things in other parts of the world when i cant determine a more formal source (language barrier).

    thanks though – the state of women’s rights in the region is bad and not to be toyed with by people (not you) who have political agendas in mind (US/Israel propaganda against Iran).

  4. I thought the article on the university issue was very interesting. It explained that women outnumbered men in the university in many fields that are male-dominated here, but that the women were not able to secure jobs after getting their degrees. One question was: given the discrimination outside the university, what the universities ought to do with respect to the places for study that they had available. It made me wonder whether that dynamic — gender discrimination in programs preparing people for a profession following on gender discrimination in that profession — isn’t relevant to women philosophers. Think of the pressure on grad programs to show their placement records, and consider what effect that pressure might have within a PhD granting department. (I recall a study showing that grad programs having a higher proportion of women suffer in reputational rankings as a result.)

    As for the recent media storm on Iran’s universities, there was a short piece in the Huffington Post about sensationalization of the facts, here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/adam-pourahmadi/iran-ban-university-women_b_1821611.html

  5. My friends from the Middle East can find it pretty distressing that the West is so disapproving of them, while failing to acknowledge the severe problems many women in the West face. I guess it is another aspect of colonialism, added to which is an excuse for Western behavior. Not a good pi cture.

  6. Of course, we could get the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and the it would get very sticky. Perhaps we could explain that Florida has been a terrible political embarrassment for some time, so they are welcome to it?

  7. hah! thanks – i was confused when reading #7 (in email ‘inbox’) and just left a bit.

    and thank you for the article link. me thinks the propaganda machine against iran is working at many angles.

  8. Ali, I checked out some Indian and some Chinese papers. Nonthing except some bemused reflections on royak family orgies (=Prince Harry).

    As far as I can see, we’ve gotten Iran wrong on marriage. It’s a sad exploitation of women, yet again.

    We’d be really interested in learning more about you and how you came here to question this post.

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