Transvestite-bashing from the Huffington Post

The UK version of the Huffington Post has caused a stir recently for publishing a ridiculous piece of transvestite-bashing. As far as I can tell, the article has no purpose other than to point out to readers that transvestites are, y’know, weird and stuff. That’s some hard-hitting journalism for you.

Sean Bean recently played a transvestite in a British TV serial (“The Accused”). And so the Huffpost asks “Is it still okay to find Sean Bean sexy, now that we’ve seen him in a dress?” That’s the entire point of the article. Really.

Here’s a choice bit:

He’s a bona-fide British heart-throb, a man’s man, a Sheffield Blade from his football club tattoo to his four broken marriages and afternoons in the pub. But now we’ve seen him trying to run for his life in heels. . . It might be a while before we get over this and accept him on horse-back, brandishing his weapons, giving his narrow-eyed stare and enticing fair maiden with his silent but strong charisma.

You see, Sean Bean used to be all hot and manly. But then he wore women’s clothes. Which is obviously weird and very unmanly. So now we have to ask ourselves whether it is okay (in reference, I’m guessing, to the objective Plantonic standards about what it’s appropriate to crush on) to still find him sexy.

Nice one, Huffington Post.

4 thoughts on “Transvestite-bashing from the Huffington Post

  1. But in happier news, this can give us all an excuse to watch some classic Eddie Izzard stand-up:

  2. Seriously?! Sean is H-O-T no matter what. Besides, he was playing a part and from what I’ve read, he was brilliant (unfortunately BBC1 is not received in the States).

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