2 thoughts on “The Sunday cat has fallen in love

  1. It will be temporary.

    I suspect it will last until the first hug, or attempt to snuggle, or perhaps until the cat tries to get some pumpkin- that thing didn’t seem to keen on sharing.

    Several years ago I went to the Philadelphia Zoo around Halloween time, and most of the animals had been given pumpkins. Quite a few of the beasts seemed to enjoy eating them, but my favorite was the giant tortoises, who were gleefully nomming away, their tortoise heads all covered in pumpkin gore.

  2. Matt, I felt rather bad invoking the parental “it will not last.”. I think the killer is the unwillimgness to share. Still, a first snuggle might be the end.

    On the other hand, the quills are so magnificent, and the willingness to discuss things might count for a lot.

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