Given God speaks through weather events, what’s the message look to be?

We noted earlier that many well-know Republicans interprete major natural events as messages from the deity. What could the current predicted trajectory of Hurricane Isaac mean?

Notice that It seems to be going west of Tampa, but not so west as to avoid a strong storm surge in Tampa Bay. After that, New Orleans may be a big event. And the convention is being delayed for a day.

So what is God saying? Helpful sggestions in the comments gratefully received. Here are some to start us off:

1. To Repubs: BOO!
2. Let’s stir up whatever is left of a sense of community responsibility by reminding the country that Republicans don’t give a rat’s ass about New Orleans.
3. As a favor to the US, let’s save TV from boring convention speeches and put on some broadcasters in life-threatening situations.

Your take below, please!