Given God speaks through weather events, what’s the message look to be?

We noted earlier that many well-know Republicans interprete major natural events as messages from the deity. What could the current predicted trajectory of Hurricane Isaac mean?

Notice that It seems to be going west of Tampa, but not so west as to avoid a strong storm surge in Tampa Bay. After that, New Orleans may be a big event. And the convention is being delayed for a day.

So what is God saying? Helpful sggestions in the comments gratefully received. Here are some to start us off:

1. To Repubs: BOO!
2. Let’s stir up whatever is left of a sense of community responsibility by reminding the country that Republicans don’t give a rat’s ass about New Orleans.
3. As a favor to the US, let’s save TV from boring convention speeches and put on some broadcasters in life-threatening situations.

Your take below, please!

8 thoughts on “Given God speaks through weather events, what’s the message look to be?

  1. Obviously Republicans must have offended God in some way–maybe, considering the male names of the hurricanes that have disrupted two consecutive conventions, with the party’s official anti-gay stance. :-)

  2. So obviously God intervened to protect the GOP while offering a chance to cancel the day that the networks were not going to cover anyway. ;-)
    And if they do decide to go to 4 days and include Friday, the networks will have to give them another night of coverage.

  3. ST, very careless of the deity to send it to New Orleans. I mean, that’s old hat. You’d think we could see a new idea or two here.

  4. What did I say on the earlier thread? Redemption ala Isaac and Abraham at the last moment. Blessed be those who hunger and thirst after righteousness–just not those who merely hunger and thirst–Ryan thinks they’re not trying hard enough.

    I have a very bad feeling about this election–I’m in Wisconsin, and Obama is being very badly outspent in the number of PAC ads I’m seeing.

  5. I would love to see a 90% turn at the last moment (or, whatever would head it at Tampa). But, I also would not like anyone in Tampa – including Republicans – really hurt by any hurricane.

    Like Alan, I am very, very worried about this election. I might be more worried about this one than I was about any in my reasonably-aware liftime. I’m old enough to consider exit plans (thought, not quite to Romeny scale), beut I worry about my kids, nephews/nieces/ and other young people.

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