4 thoughts on “It’s really not “something similar to that” at all

  1. Purity aside, here are two ways to think of rape and pre-marital sex as similar, for someone who thinks all transactions are really between men:

    Extra-marital sex is always “getting away with something” for a man. So adding force doesn’t change *his* crime much. It’s like burglary with or without having to force the lock. (The rape variable might change *her* moral status, but not his.)
    Meanwhile, all post-marital sex is non-rape; a husband is the rightful “taker” of a woman he marries.

    This amounts to more than a gendered double-standard; it’s a moral erasure of women.

  2. Elf, that is a great explanation of that way of thinking.

    After reading the article, I find this quote most interesting, “and she chose life, and I commend her for that”. He seems to not understand the value of consciously making a choice, to be able to voluntarily follow your faith and beliefs. Instead he wants to legislate that pesky free will away.

  3. Yes, he’d want a world in which women could not possibly be “commended” for “choosing” one way or another…

    Most interesting line for me, in explaining the similarity: “But, well, put yourself in a father’s position.”

    Father-position is the normative center of gravity for him. But does he mean the father of the woman who may be pregnant? (But then, compare the different resonance of “put yourself in a parent’s position”?) Or… does he mean the would-be-father of the conceptus?

    This comment shows who is at the center of his moral sphere: fathers and people who can (unilaterally) make themselves into fathers.

  4. His campaign (locally) is claiming he meant that from HIS perspective as a father, having a daughter pregnant due to out of wedlock consensual sex and having a daughter pregnant due to rape would present the same concerns.

    I’m glad my Dad is long dead, so he does not have to hear this idiot make such a claim – or his flunkies suggesting that this is an improvement on the taped comments.

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