More gendered marketing: A new take on “girl drinks”

Here’s a Guardian blog post about three “feminine” lagers being marketed by Molson Coors.  Feminine lagers? Sounds like a category mistake!  The beer for women will come in three vague and predictably ethereal sounding flavors: “clear filtered”, “crisp rosé” and “zesty lemon.” The post is pretty good on why such a beer is not needed and is basically nonsense.  The post closes however with a concession that there is a need for “breaking the boundaries between women and beer.”  Are there boundaries between women and beer?  My many years as a bartender tell me otherwise.  But even if these boundaries exist, is that really a problem?  Much more concerning are the boundaries between women and their rights to bodily integrity, reproductive freedom, freedom from violence, and equal pay.

6 thoughts on “More gendered marketing: A new take on “girl drinks”

  1. I’m puzzled by this new marketing gambit of producing and advertising girl-beer, girl-pens, etc. What kind of marketing research are firms that engage in this nonsense doing? Where are they picking up the idea that this stuff will sell? Seems like the CDs and other “ancilliaries” textbook publishers tack on to jack up prices–which no one wants or uses.

  2. It’s from a generation of business students who were taught that segmentation by gender is paramount, and that gender segmentation first, behaviour second was a good plan. I came through that training and thought it was rubbish at the time, then found that my gender segregated data showed no statistical differences *unless I weighted the gender* and suddenly if you frame it that way – oh look, gender difference where I expected to find it because I weighted the data for it.

    We’re trying to improve the performance of the newer generations by showing that gender is the last port of call, and only when you’ve exhausted the useful stuff do you start with the less valuable end of the data set.

  3. I heard on NPR (I’m assuming) that Coke Zero is supposed to be the ‘guys” version of Diet Coke – as the latter, apparently, is a ‘female’ drink. I prefer Coke Zero, but not Dos Equis. What the heck am I??

  4. I thought pukeworthy Tab, which has been revived, was the guys’ drink. I tastes like tin and dirty socks. Personally, I like Coke Cherry Zero–especially spiked with vodka, which is what I’m drinking now, while trying to finish my APA Pacific submission.

  5. This is ridiculous, actually giving a beer a “girly” name or description would make me purposefully NOT buy it! Who are the focus groups that are involved in these discussions and where do they come from. So whats next… a beer mug for girls made with a hole to accomodate a straw!! Sheesh!

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