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Shulamith Firestone, 1945-2012 August 31, 2012

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A radical feminist Marxist has died.  The author of The Dialectic of Sex: The Case for Feminist Revolution (1970) and a founding member of the New York Radical Women was found dead in her apartment on Tuesday.

I provide the following from her 1968 paper, “The Women’s Rights Movement in the U.S.: A New View:”

I would like to conclude from all this, that contrary to what most historians would have us believe, women’s rights were never won. The Women’s Rights Movement did not fold because it accomplished its objectives, but because it was essentially defeated and mischannelled. SEEMING freedoms appear to have been won



3 Responses to “Shulamith Firestone, 1945-2012”

  1. Bijan Parsia Says:

    Aw, no! First Rich, now Firestone. I remember reading the first sentence of the Dialectic of Sex and getting shivers. I was so excited to find a copy…I wonder where it is now. I really need to dig it out.

  2. introvertica Says:

    I am very sad to read this. Shulamith Firestone’s work was powerful and impressively original. At a very young age, she was thinking far past present conditions and imagining the future. She was daring in her attack on sexist society, and although there is much to criticize in “The Dialectic of Sex,” even her mistakes were inspirational to the nascent feminism of the time.

  3. ChrisTS Says:

    Oh dear. A whole generation of feminist thinkers (mine) is fading.

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