4 thoughts on “The Sunday cat feels gratified that someone has noticed

  1. Geez, it obviously hurts the cat. How can anyone just sit there and watch him repeatedly wince like this?

  2. I initially shared your worry, but I don’t now. First of all, I am not sure it does hurt the cat. I haven’t known many cats to stay around while being hurt. The cat has many alternatives. I have, however, seen cats on many occasions display the same behavior, mostly around hair dryers. There’s an element of the intense excitement of hunting something really mysterious.

    It’s also the case, as I worry about my own indoor cats, that I am less and less sure about the extent to which we should solve their problems for them. The cat coped really well, and there are probably not many environmental opportunities for it to do so.

    So let me declare the topic open for discussion. I don’t think I have the final answer here. Especially when my interlocutor is the esteemed (seriously) Kate N.

    Finally, I’m now wondering if cats have rhythm. Who would have thought there is a place for them in a jazz ensemble.

  3. Yes, cats will “wince” from all sorts of things that are cat-scary w/o it hurting them. But more importantly, one thing that cats want very much in life is to have something to bop. Bopping things is an important cat activity that they often don’t get enough of, unless there’s a small dog or a baby around.

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