How to make Bibles even more sexist

Both Bibles are the product of author Sheila Walsh, who writes an ongoing “God’s Little Princess” and “God’s Mighty Warrior” series. Highlights include: God’s Little Princess: Dreaming of a Pink Christmas; Gigi, God’s Little Princess 4: The Pink Ballerina; Gigi, God’s Little Princess 3: Bursting With Readiness (I’m reasonably sure this one isn’t porn – but the title gives me pause); Will, God’s Mighty Warrior: They Mystery of Magillicuddy’s Gold; and Will, God’s Mighty Warrior: The Creepy Caves Mystery. You can see the full list here (scroll down to the ‘Children’s Books’ section).

Apparently, God wants little boys to epic, mystery-solving adventurers and little girls to be. . .pink obsessed ballerinas? I don’t even know. I’m truly baffled by this one.

3 thoughts on “How to make Bibles even more sexist

  1. What an awful typeface. There seems to be inverse relationship between godbothering-hood and design ability.

  2. REally! This is disgusting. The stereotypes we live with are crushing to both men and women. But this goes to an all time low. I despise people who trivialize the Bible in such a way. Shame on all of you who do this.

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