Reader query: AOS by gender?

I seem to remember seeing some data about the most common AOSes in Philosophy broken down by gender, and now I can’t seem to find it. I’m working on a piece about the relationship between the climate for women in philosophy, and the reception of feminist philosophy, and would love to be able to cite this data. In my recollection, “Feminist Philosophy” was one of the largest listed AOSes for women. Do you know where I might find this?

3 thoughts on “Reader query: AOS by gender?

  1. Well, now I’m going to answer my own question. I was thinking of Sally Haslanger’s second round of data collection on women in philosophy, “Preliminary Report on the Survey of Publishing in Philosophy,” published in the Fall 2010 APA Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy. This data was obtained by surveys, so it would of course be beneficial for the APA to collect this data on its general membership (as this edition of the Newsletter suggests).

    Thanks for the PhilPapers link, too, Carl.

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