Little Russian school girl and bullying teacher: Update

It’s an English lesson and she didn’t understand the phrase on the board. He’s been suspended for overly aggressive teaching, and she – who is about 8 – has been transferred to another school.

It does seem wonderful that she’s got some skills for protecting herself, though perhaps this wasn’t the best use of them.

UPDATE: this site claims that the whole thing is a fake.

Blog: Fit is a Feminist Issue!

I am loving the posts at the blog, Fit, Feminist, and (almost) Fifty.  Maybe this is just because, as the school year of teaching begins, I’m so inundated by youth culture that it’s a relief to gathering around the glowing campfire of my computer screen with peers. Maybe it’s because when I dare to mention that I might want to exercise, people tend to aggressively scoff, “Yah, right, like YOU’re fat,” as if one with less visible fat  is necessarily fit.  Maybe… maybe it’s just that the two who founded the blog are such luminously awesome feminist philosophers:


We’re two feminists in our late 40s who lead active lifestyles and have set ourselves a goal: to be the fittest we’ve ever been in our lives by the time we’re 50. That’ll be on August 31 (Samantha) and September 24 (Tracy) in the year 2014. But we’re also feminists and philosophers, so we want to ask: what does it mean to be fit? What are appropriate measures for the goal? And, from a feminist perspective, in what way(s) does women’s quest for fitness and health contribute to empowerment and/or oppression. You’ll find some posts about our personal approaches to fitness/health, and some posts that are more reflective, critical and meant to challenge common assumptions. We also plan to have fun with the whole thing and hope you do, too.