Double Standards: Political edition

This reminds me of the attention paid to Sarah Palin’s children back in 2008.

Remember when Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan was nominated to be Mitt Romney’s running mate, and the media hounded him with questions about how he could handle campaigning and still take care of his young children? Remember when they asked him how it was he managed to spend at least an hour a day in the gym, attend to all his Congressional duties, run for the Vice Presidency and still be home for his children’s soccer games? Remember when they wouldn’t stop debating whether it was possible to raise three young children and still be in national office?

You don’t?

Don’t worry. It never happened. Not to Paul Ryan at least.

These questions, however, were posed just yesterday to another politician, someone who isn’t even yet a candidate for the office on which she was being quizzed. . .

Madigan and her husband, Pat Byrnes, have two young children, ages 7 and 4. She was asked whether she could serve as governor and still raise her kids the way she wants to.

“Wow. Does anybody ever ask that question?” she said. “I’m very lucky to have the support of my family. My husband helps take care of our kids. But, I think more people should ask that of men running for office as well.”

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6 thoughts on “Double Standards: Political edition

  1. nb, however: “helps take care of our kids.” helps? we’re still stuck *there*?
    Other than that, it’s a great retort to an infuriatingly stupid and sexist question.

  2. The full story is even more satisfying. I like that they point out the reporters remind Attorney General Madigan that being governor is hard! Thanks, Smart Helpful Reporting Men!

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