The Awesome, the Funny, and the Heartwarming

Three things stood out in my feed today:

1) “the Washington DC Office of Human Rights decided in reaction to the string of ugly anti-trans incidents and murders in the District to launch a first of a kind anti-trans discrimination campaign.”  You can read Monica at TransGriot discuss it further here   The posters seem really well executed and well thought out.  It’s a bit mind-boggling that we have the need for such posters that are basically, “Hey, I’m a person! I do person things! Please treat me as such.”  But we do have that need and this seems a great way to address both general issues of visibility and the recent increase in anti-trans violence in DC.

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Research on the Sunday Cat.

Sometimes I get asked about the Sunday Cat. Not all of them are really interesting, so I thought I’d put in a new category, maybe ‘best of the Sunday Cat’ that we could use.

I’d love to hear if you have favorites you’d like to see included. They needn’t feature cats. One of my favorites, for example, has the chickens sorting out fighting rabbits.

If you search under ‘sunday cat’ you should get them all and other stuff too. There is some very boring stuff in the category. If you skim through it, you might find some old friends..

Here are a few sampleS