The Awesome, the Funny, and the Heartwarming

Three things stood out in my feed today:

1) “the Washington DC Office of Human Rights decided in reaction to the string of ugly anti-trans incidents and murders in the District to launch a first of a kind anti-trans discrimination campaign.”  You can read Monica at TransGriot discuss it further here   The posters seem really well executed and well thought out.  It’s a bit mind-boggling that we have the need for such posters that are basically, “Hey, I’m a person! I do person things! Please treat me as such.”  But we do have that need and this seems a great way to address both general issues of visibility and the recent increase in anti-trans violence in DC.

(two more after the jump)

2)  You can read a story about a guy who found a kitten while on vacation and decided to take her home with him here. There are a lot of heartwarming stories over at The Cheezburger network, but this one stuck out for some reason (and not just because the cat happens to be ridiculously adorable).  Maybe it highlights just how exceptional it is to see regard for animal (one that was homeless, sick, and disabled as well) as being worthy of care and not a lost cause?


3) Failbook is an interesting mix of oppressive and subversive commentary on all things facebook related. (Lamebook, on the other hand, tends skew much more to the former.)  I’m not a huge fan of porn culture, but I found this exchange particularly gratifying because it set up this middle class boss (a man who could afford to buy his three daughters ipads) as the naive and clueless person whereas the two girls (women coded as being young) were the people who really know the way of the world. Also, the fact that whoever posted this story framed it as, “Wait… They Do? What is this, I don’t even…” makes it’s easy to imagine it’s another guy who, just like the boss, is actually clueless about the facts of life–i.e. that women have sexual appetites and they are more than capable of satiating them on their own (especially with the help of technology).

tl;dr  This is funny.

4 thoughts on “The Awesome, the Funny, and the Heartwarming

  1. Very sweet about the variety of posters DC has made.

    As for the failbook thing, I see how it could be read as genuine sarcasm. I thought the “What is this, I don’t even…” was more likely a mark of genuine surprise, though. What do you think makes it more likely to be straight out sarcastic?

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