8 thoughts on “Query about research on robotics, cyborgs and post-humanism

  1. I know Jen from when we were at seminary together. She wrote her dissertation (recently published!) on post-human theology.

  2. I write about posthumanism and Afrofuturism in music, from a philosophical perspective. In addition to my “Robo-Diva R&B” article in the Journal of Popular Music Studies, I give a talk about post humanism in Beyonce and Gaga. Also see my blog, it’s-her-factory.blogspot.com.

  3. Do you want just anything related to robotics, cyborgs, and post-humanism, or only feminist scholars on those topics, or any other sort of limiting criteria?

  4. Scu, just about any topic would be interesting. I’m thinking that the area might be a good starting point for a Science and Technology Studies group, and I’m hoping scientists working on medical uses of robotic assistance and artificial implants would be a big component. Hence, speakers denouncing medical interference would not be useful at this point.

    Thanks so much for all the other suggestions! Robin, your site is terrific! I hope others go to it.

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