Reader Query: Philosopher/Mother Blogs?

A reader writes:

  I am a graduate student in philosophy and a longtime reader/fan.  I was wondering if you or other readers could recommend any blogs about being an academic philosopher and a mother.  I scanned your blogroll but did not see an obvious match, and this is a hard topic for Google because “philosopher” always turns up advice-givers of various sorts.

5 thoughts on “Reader Query: Philosopher/Mother Blogs?

  1. Hi, I am a philosophy post graduate student and mother of 3! I have returned to my philosophy studies as a mature age student after completing an arts and a law degree and working in a public policy role in government. I have a blog which discusses issues relating to philosophy, motherhood, feminism and social justice which you can find at

    Despite my best intentions, my study, work and family responsibilities don’t allow me to post as often as I would like…crunch time at the moment with a dissertation, thus the last post was quite a while ago. Hopefully this will change soon!

  2. You might like ‘Paris-Ankara Express’ (though it seems to be on hiatus at the moment) and ‘The Forbidden Sister’. (Mandatory Declaration of Interest: I am TFS’s husband, but she doesn’t know I’m posting this).

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