5 thoughts on “The Tee of Life

  1. I’ve been a father twice, and I agree, without joking, with Andreas’s parents.

    I’m not sure what the most beautiful thing that I’ve ever witnessed was, unless you include Beethoven’s music for piano because I’d pick that if it’s included, but it sure was not the birth of my two children.

  2. As the mother of two, I have to say that giving birth was a *very* mixed experience. The pain was tremendous; the joy after the pain was tremendous.

    My spouse did seem to fare well with both vaginal and ceasarean births, but he wasn’t the one giving birth. And, he never said the birthing was beautiful; it was our children he found so.

    (For the ceasaran, they didn’t even let me see what was happening; maybe they thought I would find it less than beautiful.)

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