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  1. Eric, can you tell much about who is signing? E.g., proportion of women to men, faculty to students, etc?

  2. I try to create links to recent signature lists on NEwAPPS at least once day. What follows is just from eye-balling the list. Geographically it is very dispersed (Americas and Europe predominate, of course, but folk are also signing from Down Under, South America, and Asia). My guess is that it is about 2/3rd faculty 1/3 graduate students. I think the gender-ratio is about fifty-fifty (although it may even have moved to a slight majority women). Originally, there were not many senior men signing up, but that’s been changing during the last 48hrs.

  3. I appreciate Eric’s notice on the gender ratio. I posed a question about this on NA.

    I also would like to have some discussion about women signing. I see many women signatories I know (old friends and newer ones), but I am not sure what the pledge means for women philosophers.

  4. chrisTS, not every woman philosopher supports the cause of improving gender ratios in philosophy, and not every woman philosopher is willing to put her name to a pledge to support it. agreed, there’s something slightly more salient about male signatures at this point, but it’s still meaningful having women sign it. (also, someone should write a reply to the letter re the petition posted on philos-l today (or yesterday?). IMO.)

  5. I am surprised that there has been so little (no?) discussion of the merits of the petition on this blog, only on New APPS and Brian Leiter. What do people think?

  6. Re: #7, Discussion of the merits of the petition were so appropriate on NewAPPs because that petition is a project of NewAPPs contributors. Like other FP bloggers, I think of it as an allies’ project, and I was rather glad we weren’t the only ones engaged in such endeavors, therefore happy to leave it to its authors. Brian Leiter’s recent blog post hits on one of the reasons I didn’t sign the petition, myself: At first it was sort of a by-men, for-men petition, what with that “I pledge not to accept invitations to a conference with no woman invited,” since I am a woman, and therefore felt the petition wasn’t really intended for women’s participation. But then the wording changed to be more inclusive, and then I thought I’d wait until I saw what the final petition would say, but don’t have a handle on whether or not it’s achieved finality.

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