Open letter to advertisers

This is quite funny (and apt).

Dear people in charge of commercials targeting women,

I just wanted you to know that according to your commercials, men never eat yogurt. Not once. In your world they don’t even go near the yogurt aisle. Did you put up some sort of force field? Only women buy yogurt and when they do, they eat it with grins on their faces and talk about it as if there’s an orgasm in every little 6 oz. plastic container. And really, “swapping” a slice of strawberry cheesecake for a yogurt?


I’ll eat a slice of strawberry cheesecake if I want to. Why is every woman in your commercials watching their weight? They don’t need to feel guilty about eating a slice of that that cheesecake in the fridge or about ordering that large cappuccino. Chocolate is okay though, you say they can indulge in pieces of chocolate—because they deserve it.

Men also never eat chocolate. Or use Swiffers, or paper towels, do laundry or dishes, or buy peanut butter. Only moms who care about their kids buy peanut butter. I’m a crappy mom if I don’t buy the right peanut butter.

Also, did I miss something, or is there a requirement that I have to dance while I mop my floor?

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5 thoughts on “Open letter to advertisers

  1. I guess that advertisers have not noticed that the male star of Burn Notice eats lots of yogurt – and he is definitely not female!

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