13 thoughts on “We’re Shrinking Penises!

  1. well, I believe its because of all the hormones in chicken, they are given hormones to make bigger, more breast meat. young girls 10 11 yo are getting breasts and tere menses earlier and earlier as well. its scary what the chicken, and other food industries are feeding us

  2. @Matt Drabek. It’s especially cromulent in this context, as it’s meant to explain the unembiggening phenomenon.

  3. So on grannylizzy’s theory, it IS chickification that is to blame!

    Anyhow I really thank Rush for his important PSA. Shrinking penises is certainly directly opposed to my and many other women’s personal interests.

  4. Actually, Andy, I believe the opposite of embiggening is debigulating. When dealing with thoughts as subtle as Rush’s, anything less than absolute precision is simply uncromulent.

  5. I think we need to see and evaluate the research involved before we reach any conclusions on the veracity of shrinkification of members. Was there a control group? How was measurement done? Were non Italians measured? Science needs to know. Can’t just measure a couple and announce “Lo! I have found a terrifying trend!”

  6. Is it possible that Mr Limbaugh was simply fumble-fingers while measuring himself with his ruler, or perhaps confused inches with centimeters?

  7. Unfortunately, as Prof. Frink fans are well aware, only the debigulator works. To make something bigger we’d have to invent some sort of a REbigulatr, a concept so preposterous it would make me laugh until I glavin.

  8. Yes. I like your post. I am an Asian so I understand about the small penis size compared to black guys. However, the penis size is not everything you need to satisfy your lady. The mindset is the most important. If you have a 10-inche penis but it does not get up on demand, then it is not worth it. Most Asian men have short penis about 5’5 to 8 inches in erection. The most important part is the rock hard erection on demand.

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