Reader query: what do you say to the ignorant or anti-feminist?

A reader writes:

I’m new to the fascinating world of philosophy, especially feminist philosophy, and I would be very thankful if you could answer a couple of questions for me!

What I realised since following your blog is that you guys don’t bother with the petty arguments about feminism (I could be wrong, though, as I’ve only recently started following this blog)….

I find myself lost for words when I’m stuck in debates about how “feminists hate men” and how “feminists want men to get in trouble for [insert anything here] but not when a woman does the same thing”.

And also, I can’t help feeling discouraged by the majority’s attitudes towards feminism. I see sexism everywhere (e.g. a TV ad in which two men are fighting each other in a crowd of people and the winner walks off with a pretty girl in revealing clothes.), but people’s responses are always that feminists take everything so seriously, etc.

How do you guys deal with society’s belittling attitudes? I know it’s a silly question and I’m expecting answers such as “if we don’t do it, it will never change”, but I thought it’s better to ask than to just sit here and imagine what you would say.