Should we give them credit for trying?

A famous celebrity gains 25 pounds. Anderson Cooper seems to maintain a fairly reasonable attitude; some others try. Some of the youtube videos are sickening. Unfortunately, this seems to be a good case in which tHe media attention is the main message:

From Lady Gaga herself, sort of:

Anderson Cooper:

Notice the negative words in the beginning of this one:

8 thoughts on “Should we give them credit for trying?

  1. Well, I care if an icon like her gains weight and is then pilloried by the press and/or lots of others. For the obvious reason; we don’t need more attention paid to women’s bodies and hateful attention is actually damaging for lots and lots of women.

  2. I’d say we should care because the attention paid to celebrities is a factor in the anxieties and power plays that everyday girls and women (and boys and men, increasingly) face w/r/t body image.

  3. Is it only me but… it seems to me that it is the women that are doing the bashing here… Anderson is actually trying to go a really good job while the woman with him is ranting and ranting… sigh

  4. One thing that really got me about the second video is how Maria Menounos claimed that because she had gained weight she could no longer wear clothes that were as revealing. This is a kind of body shaming that is so destructive, but quite widespread.

  5. I agree about L.J.’s comments on Maria’s attitude. I thought to myself that maybe she would need to put on that 40 “extra” pounds again… she is so skinny!

  6. The fact that the women say that it should be ok for a woman to gain weight and not care about what others think, but then still let everybody know that of course it is disgusting,duh… is so…well…I have no words. They seem to rationally know what’s wrong and what’s right but somehow it doesn’t connect to their behaviour.

    And of course, Italian food is great, there is nothing wrong with enjoying food and surely it is possible to gain weight from eating. The suggestion that ‘she gained weight, there must be something wrong with her’ like an alcohol problem….is also very sad.

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