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Science: It’s a girl thing September 30, 2012

Filed under: gender stereotypes,science — philodaria @ 2:45 pm

Remember that awful video from the EU commission that was supposed to attract girls to science? There’s now a contest sponsored by the European Science Foundation to come up with something better. You can see the other videos from the campaign on the youtube channel. (If you’re on twitter, look for #sciencegirlthing)

Here’s one video from the campaign (she’s a philosophy student too! And she quotes Hume!):


5 Responses to “Science: It’s a girl thing”

  1. Please note that this video is not an entry of the contest. It was produced by the European Commission as part of a series of portraits of role models in science. You can find all the videos of the role models on the ‘Science: it’s a girl thing’ Youtube channel and website (http://science-girl-thing.eu/profiles-of-women-in-science).
    Information on the contest can be found at http://curt-rice.com/sciencegirlthing/. ESF is considering making a dedicated YouTube page for the contest entries.

  2. philodaria Says:

    Thanks for pointing that out (and for the great contest!)–I’ve updated the post.

  3. Thank you for updating the post.
    However the sentence ‘You can see the entries submitted thus far on the youtube channel’ is still not right. The Youtube channel link goes to the Youtube channel of the European Commission’s videos, not the Youtube channel of the entries of the contest.

  4. philodaria Says:

    Sorry, I was traveling when you pointed out that remaining mistake. Fixed now! Any chance you could keep us updated if a youtube channel goes up with the contest entries?

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