4 thoughts on “Minimal Posters – Six Women Who Changed Science. And The World.

  1. I was just reading something fascinating yesterday about how Ceclia Payne– the first person to recieve a PhD in astronomy, and the first women to receive tenure in Harvard’s college of arts and sciences–discovered that stars are composed mostly of hydrogen. She made some pretty amazing contributions to our understanding of the universe, and I had never heard of her before. I’m kind of curious how many more stories like this there are out there.

  2. Minimalism + feminism = swoon!

    (Also if they did a Barbara McClintock one it should have a piece of corn with a necklace (in the shape of matching chromosomes) that says “BFF” on it.
    Wow just thinking about that made my day.)

  3. I would also put in Barbara McClintock and Lynn Margulis for their revolutionary discoveries.

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