Facebook Group for LGBTQ Philosophers

Rebecca Kukla writes: “I just started a facebook group for LGBTQ-identified philosophers. It will only be cool if it has lots of members. Please get in touch if you’d like to join, and please have others – particularly grad students – friend me and let me know they are interested. It is a ‘secret group’ so no one can see it on your timeline. Anyone who self-identifies as a philosopher with a nonstandard or marginalized sexual or gender identity or orientation of any sort is welcome.”

It’s open to all philosophers, including students, but at the moment it’s not open to allies. If you’d like to join, find Rebecca on FB and send her a request!

Update: Apparently there’s more than one Rebecca Kukla on FB. She writes: “I list myself as at Georgetown, in Washington DC, and my facebook profile pic is a Hello Kitty version of Alex from Clockwork Orange.”

6 thoughts on “Facebook Group for LGBTQ Philosophers

  1. Thanks for posting, Jenny! Just to clarify: you can message me on facebook if you’re interested but we need to be fb friends for me to add you. OTOH I am giving all members admin privileges (at least for now, while the group is small enough that I feel like I basically know and trust everyone involved) so if you know someone else who is on there, you can just ask that person to add you. For the moment I will accept facebook friend requests from anyone who messages me and says they want in.

    This was only dreamed up late last night, about 8 hours ago, and already we have a bunch of members and several active discussions!

  2. Hi Rebecca, there are several Rebecca Kukla’s on fb – which one are you?! Have you put where you are from (perhaps that will help to identify you)? Thanks!

  3. Are there really??? I list myself as at Georgetown, in Washington DC, and my facebook profile pic is a Hello Kitty version of Alex from Clockwork Orange.

    Maybe you should update the main post to show that, Jenny? When I search, I am the only Rebecca Kukla who shows up for me, so I didn’t know!

  4. One last thing: I have hidden all notifications of new friendships from my timeline, so if you friend me in order to have me add you, you won’t even be outing yourself in that indirect way. But also, please let me know that that’s why you are friending me! Some folks are just friendly :)

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