Petitioning for Gender Equity at Conferences

This is a truly exciting time, with hundreds and hundreds of philosophers signing up to pledges supporting, in one way or another, the Gendered Conference Campaign. The NewAPPS one, with very specific demands and commitments is here. Our official one is here. And now there’s a new interdiscplinary one from Virginia Valian and Dan Sperber.

Hopefully this means there’s something for everyone. The outpourings of support for the cause are really amazing me. Maybe things really are beginning to change!

3 thoughts on “Petitioning for Gender Equity at Conferences

  1. The efforts now are so large and so visible, it is hard to see how they could fail to have an effect.

    Still, I do remind myself that there is a large, large gap between changing what one says and changing what one does. In the present case, it might be that the changes are not exactly what one wants.

    It might be worth putting more effort into how to change what one does. Do you think it would be worth reposting your post on how to get women as leading speakers?

  2. Anne– will try to get a minute to do it.
    Kris– aww, thanks! And I take this to be addressed to all of us, so I’m thanking you on behalf of the campaign. And thanks for your song!

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