Reader query: sidewalk behaviour?

A reader writes:

There was a study that showed that women are more likely than men to give way on a footpath/sidewalk. Can anybody point me toward the study and/or online info on it?

This study, both reader and I think, may have been discussed on this very blog. But we can’t find it!

6 thoughts on “Reader query: sidewalk behaviour?

  1. thanks, philodaria! i feel certain i remember hearing about a study. i’ll have to keep hunting. but it’s good to have this link, if nothing else. cheers!

  2. This may not be the one you meant, but it does describe such a study, I seem to recall :

    Western Journal of Speech Communication
    Volume 43, Issue 2, 1979
    Special Issue: Assessment of Nonverbal Behavior

    A review of nonverbal behaviors of women and men
    Marianne La France & Clara Mayo
    pages 96-107

    The abstract:
    A review of the literature on gender‐linked aspects of nonverbal behavior reveals that the differences in nonverbal behavior are in line with societal expectations calling for women to be reactive and for men to be proactive. Women demonstrate their reactivity by being more sensitive to others’ expressivity, and more nonverbally variable in order to complement their partner’s behavior. Men demonstrate their proactivity by talking more, interrupting more, and in general being nonverbally dominant, particularly with women.

  3. much delayed, but thanks for this! this paper discusses the sidewalk study, in addition to lots of other interesting research on gendered body movements. brilliant!

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