Things do get better sometimes

A friend of the blog wrote to tell us the following: “In April 2012, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal ordered the government of Ontario to change its requirements for trans* persons’ ability to change their sex/gender on their birth certificates. Amazingly, the government has fully acceded to the order, and released their revised requirements October 5th.

Here’s the link:

“Transsexual surgery” (whatever that means!) is no longer required. Instead, an applicant merely needs to sign the requisite documents, pay the processing fee(s), and supply a supporting document, which could come from a psychologist or physician. This brings the policy in line with the Ontario Driver’s License requirements. (

This is a massive step forward. Hopefully, other provinces will follow suit. It would be great if people could write the relevant ministers in their province of residence or birth (for Canadians, obviously) asking for them to update their own requirements.”

Thanks RM.

3 thoughts on “Things do get better sometimes

  1. But, although the Driver’s License requirements say that “full surgery” isn’t required, they do start be saying that the policy applies to those who “are undergoing or have completed sex reassignment surgery.” So someone who hasn’t had and doesn’t intend to have any surgery can’t, it seems, get a driver’s license change. This seems to mean that those who live in but weren’t born in Ontario can’t get any change, and those who live in and were born in Ontario would have a discrepancy between their birth certificate and their driver’s license. Am I misunderstanding the Driver’s license requirements?

  2. Naomi, yes they can.

    I detail most of my experience here:

    My physician wrote the supporting letter without *any* discussion of eventually undergoing any form of genital surgery. Moreover, the Ministry will never check up on people to see if they underwent surgery.

    All my physician’s letter said was: “I have examined Dr. McKinnon and it’s my opinion that a change in sex designation on her driver’s license (from Male to Female) is appropriate.”

  3. Thanks, Rachel–it’s good to know they don’t take their bad language seriously….But the language seems like an invitation for abuse on the part of an unsympathetic administrator….

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