7 thoughts on “The truth about contraception

  1. Sounds like the nuns who taught me.
    You might check the verb in your first sentence.

  2. There are so many things I love about this video it’s hard to pick out just one, but I think it’s especially funny how all the menz are confused because on account of contraceptive use we’re not emitting the pheromones that make us desirable, while simultaneously contraceptives are responsible for a rise in promiscuity. If women are less desirable, how do they keep finding sexual partners? Curious viewers want to know.

  3. I’ve met these women before. They aren’t bona fide nuns, per se. Their order is in the process of become a canonically recognized religious order. I hate that they are being called nuns by the media, it’s driving me insane. As ultra-conservative as they like to project themselves to be, their leader has quite an interesting background that is in complete contradiction to everything she teaches. I hope this cult of personality fizzles out sooner rather than later. This really doesn’t represent mainstream Catholic thought at all.

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