Is student life becoming more sexist?

Amy Masson, women’s officer at Sheffield students’ union… has noticed that promoters are using ever more sexist language to sell their club nights to students. “Because the club trade is in decline, clubs are getting more aggressive with their marketing strategy and are using overtly objectifying images to try and fight for that smaller slice of a smaller pie,” she says. “They are handing out flyers outside the student unions that promote sexual assault on nights out. The attitude of the promoters is that you will go on a night out, find intoxicated young women and have sex with them.”


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Readers may be …

Readers may be interested to see Rebecca Reilly-Cooper’s discussion of unwanted touching & hermeneutical injustice, in her post for The Philosophers’ Magazine Blog. The importance of credibility & being believed in naming one’s experiences seems acutely salient in the UK context, where a number of victims of (as he is now regarded) predatory sex offender […]