One thought on “Harvard Law changes application procedures

  1. To be fair to HLS, they make a concerted effort to fill their class with underrepresented groups and are quite a bit more successful than philosophy programs at doing that. Their 1L class is generally pretty diverse by design. This year’s incoming class is 48% female and 38% students of color (see I’m also sure that they’d be willing to make accommodations for people who don’t have access to video conferencing technology. Of course, none of this means that there won’t be unintended effects of the move to video conferencing on the admissions decisions, but HLS fills a very large class every year, and seems to genuinely value diversity in the process. Having gone through the admissions process last year (and having visited the school), I can say that my experiences with the admissions staff and the law school have been overwhelmingly positive, including and especially on issues of diversity, discrimination, and bias.

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