6 thoughts on “The Sunday Cat says parrots need to be sensitive to a cat’s mood.

  1. It’s a parakeet, and they can be pretty hard to understand (I had a few over the years while growing up) but I’m pretty sure this one says “Koshka, Kot” at the start, which is Russian for “she-cat, he-cat”. (I’m always a bit surprised how many Russian cat videos there are.)

  2. I had a budgie who would ride the back of my cat… my cat was very patient, mostly because we would tell him “no” if he ever made a move toward the budgie. Big mistake: the budgie abused it! :-)

  3. Yes, I agree that it is a parakeet/budgie. I think the cat has the right attitude.

    I think a lot of the Russian cats are from one source. They are quite wonderful, and, in this case, eventually decisive.

  4. That’s interesting to know about the source, Anne. One of the parakeets we had while growing up was friendly with our small dog, and would ride on his back some times, or sit on him more generally. Sadly, being out and so “under foot” (literally) was his doom.

  5. O Matt, that’s so sad.
    I should have said the cat videos are from one source. The cats themselves, who knows?
    Have you seen the Russian cat circus. I believe it is on youtube. They’ve performed at UH a few times. Good for children, I think. The cats look happy, clever and trained!

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