Philosophy at the bottom of yet another list when it comes to including women

Where are we on a list that ranks disciplines by percent of women authors? Oh, right, down at the very bottom. Demography has the highest % of women authors in the social sciences/ humanities. Philosophy, the lowest– behind not only economics but even probability/ statistics, and in the most recent period barely different from math proper. Moral philosophy looks better 19.3% but some of the philosophy of science sub-fields are about 5%. It’s worth browsing through the sub-fields. Notably ‘feminist philosophy’ isn’t even listed as a sub-field of philosophy.

“Women as Academic Authors, 1665-2010

Women’s presence in higher education has increased, but as authors of scholarly papers—keys to career success—their publishing patterns differ from those of men. Explore nearly 1,800 fields and subfields, across four centuries, to see which areas have the most female authors and which have the fewest, in this exclusive Chronicle report. See how overall percentages differ from the important first-author position and—in two major bioscience fields—from the prestigious last-author position. See “About these data” for details.

Source: Gender analysis led by Jevin West and Jennifer Jacquet at the University of Washington’s Eigenfactor Project.”

Thanks Jacob Levy.

Pussy Riot’s fate

Pussy Riot is a female Russian punk band who staged a protest against Putin’s close ties with the Orthodox Church earlier this year. As is well-known, the three-woman band burst into Moscow’s main cathedral and sang a protest song on the altar. They were arrested, and have been in prison ever since. They were originally sentenced to two years in jail. One member was freed on appeal, receiving only a suspended sentence, on the grounds that she had been pulled away from the altar before the song began. But the sentences of the two other members have been upheld. Rumour has it that they have been sent to two of the harshest, Soviet-era prison camps – far away from their friends, supporters, and family, including their young children – but I understand that this has not been officially confirmed. You can read more from Reuters.